The Brighton Marathon weekend is fast approaching so we're offering mini mile training during the holidays! See below for details.

We're on our Easter hols...


…but that doesn’t mean you need to stop working out! Oh no, there are lots of things you can do. Go for a run, get your bike out, go swimming, do 10 pressups, 10 burpees, five times, hold a plank or even just go for a long walk up on the Downs.

For those of you who can’t wait until we start the new term on Monday 13th April, we’ll be in the park at 6.30 am on Tuesday 31st March and Thursday 2nd April, so do book in if you’d like to join us then. It’ll be light and you’ll be home in time for breakfast :-)

If you can’t join us for those sessions, then enjoy a break, have a fabulous Easter, have some (dark) chocolate. Just remember the motto: earn it, then burn it!

We’ll see many of you at the Brighton Marathon on 11th (mini mile) and 12th (marathon and 10k) – look out for your newsletter about meeting points. And if your mini miler would like some extra help, you might like to book them into our training on Wednesday 1st April and Tuesday 7th April, both at 10am. More details on that here.

Fancy running or working out with us? Come and join the Jo’s Thing brigade and see what type of ‘impossible’ YOU can achieve!

Not worked out with us before? Fancy a workout with great like minded women? Our workouts can be knicker-wettingly funny. Weak pelvic floors welcome.

What are your options?

Full body workouts:

9.15am, at St Nic’s, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays

Need a lighter workout or coming back from injury? Join the ‘Light’ session on Fridays at 10.15.

Running training:

Thursdays at 9.30 – check the This Week page for location each week.

Our current Early Birds programme finishes on Friday 27th March and then we take a 2 week break over the Easter holidays. We’ll be back with a three week programme starting on Monday 13th April.

If you’re after 1:1 training, then contact me directly and we can book a slot.

Our next running event will be the Brighton Marathon (and BM10k) on 12th April. After that we start to get dirty! Yes, we’ll be doing MudMonsters in June. We’re putting teams together now, so if you’d like to join us then get in touch! No minimum fitness level required, just oodles of enthusiasm and no fear of mud!

Whether you’re looking to join us for running training, or a full body workout, you’ll be joined by a bunch of like minded women, working out hard and enjoying the company. You’re welcome to join us once a week, four times a week or once in a blue moon. Every training session we do is different, but you can be sure you’ll get a full body workout or a great effective running session. We really do welcome all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Whilst we will work you hard, we don’t subscribe to the ‘work them ’til they’re sick’ school of fitness. No bibs, no buckets and no whistles. Worried that you’re not fit enough? It’s not your starting point that counts – it’s the journey that we’re interested in!


If you’re new to Jo’s Thing, your first session is free and you get another free session every time you bring someone new! If you’ve been before and you’re coming back for more, then you need to go here to book in.

Unsure if it’s for you or got some questions? Call Jo on 07973 320919. Want to know more about what goes on?

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race end
Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 10.35.53
Anna before and after
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cat before and after
Just realised something amazing! For the first time in about 15 years my news years resolution will not be…” To lose weight, get fit or to give up junk food” because I’ve already done all 3!!! Thanks so much Jo!

Jade Aloof, Hove