Entries for the Phoenix 10k are filling up fast - don't forget to enter if you're planning on running!

We're back on 4th September!


Our last week of 7-8am Early Birds starts on Monday 18th August. There are still a couple of places left so shout if you’d like to join us. £30 for the week.

We’re then taking a full week off to recharge ready for our return with a running session on Thursday 4th September. Our 9.15 and 9.30 fitness classes start back on Friday 5th September.

We’ll be back with a full 4 week Early Birds programme, starting on Monday 8th September.

Our first event to focus on will be the RISE 8k Undercliff Walk, which this year takes place on Sunday 12th October.  We will be supporting it in more of an official capacity this year – brilliant news as this is such a great charity helping victims of domestic abuse across Brighton and further afield. We will be offering free running training to RISE runners, who are looking for some help with their training.

Whether you’re looking to join us for running training, or a full body workout, you’ll be joined by a bunch of like minded women, working out hard and enjoying the company. Every training session we do is different, but you can be sure you’ll get a full body workout or a great effective running session. We really do welcome all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. Whilst we will work you hard, we don’t subscribe to the ‘work them ’til they’re sick’ school of fitness. No bibs, no buckets and no whistles. Worried that you’re not fit enough? It’s not your starting point that counts – it’s the journey that we’re interested in!


If you’re new to Jo’s Thing, your first session is free and you get another free session every time you bring someone new! If you’ve been before and you’re coming back for more, then you need to go here to book in.

Unsure if it’s for you or got some questions? Call Jo on 07973 320919. Want to know more about what goes on?

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Lara b4 and after
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Anna before and after
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cat before and after
Just realised something amazing! For the first time in about 15 years my news years resolution will not be…” To lose weight, get fit or to give up junk food” because I’ve already done all 3!!! Thanks so much Jo!

Jade Aloof, Hove