Why do I do it? Because I can.

You know that feeling in a workout or a hard run when it really hurts and you’re not enjoying it and you start questioning why you’re putting yourself through this? We all get that. I often get asked why I keep putting myself through it (and I ask myself too!) and here’s the answer: quite simply, because I can.

You don’t need to watch the news for long at the moment to feel very, very privileged to have the freedom to go for a run/workout several times a week in beautiful surroundings with beautiful women. Much as the Tories are, IMHO, behaving appallingly with regard to a) running the country (education, NHS, etc) and b) Brexshit, we do not live under a dictatorship or in a war zone and are free to do what we like when we like. Pretty much.

I have my health. I can’t tell you what will happen in my life tomorrow or the next day, but today I have my health. I want to do everything within my power to continue to have my health so eating well and moving often, yes, including pushing myself to my physical limit sometimes, is doing what I can to ensure I say fit and healthy for a long as possible.

We are vulnerable. I lost my own mother to cancer way before I was ready to live without her. I know too many people who’ve had the shocking news of a cancer diagnosis. Most recently, in January this year my friend and client Jo (another Jo) was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. She is now in chemo and has been so positive, pragmatic and determined that we could all learn a thing or two, not least of all to put the little annoying things in our own lives into perspective. Jo has been training with the lovely Ros (yes, training alongside chemo treatment…) to run 10k and this Sunday she’ll be amongst a group of 8 ladies running the Brighton Marathon 10k. These ladies are all either going through cancer treatment currently or recovering from it and showing the rest of us how to continue in the face of adversity. As Ros herself is a cancer survivor, there is so much positivity within this group that I urge you to click this link and donate to their fundraising efforts. They’re raising money to ensure that this support for cancer patients can continue to be funded for future patients.

During our Thursday running session this morning, we bumped into Jo, strolling with her husband along the seafront. As ever, she was full of smiles and love, despite a recent week of badness. Jo, we are all behind you darling.

If YOU can, then why aren’t you?