Keeping it going over the summer break

Apart from a few ad hoc sessions, I tend not to work in August. The last few sessions in July are normally laden with “but what shall we do to stay sane/fit/lean while you’re away?!”

Of course, you can do all of the above without me there. You know what we do, you know enough exercises to workout on your own, but I 100% understand that it’s much easier to push yourself when someone else is there watching and making you accountable. When I’m away I tend to drag my (long suffering…) husband on interval runs. Here we are after 6 x 400m in Greve, Tuscany:


With the temperatures hitting 30 degrees by 8am, we really did have to be out running by 7, which was a big ask, but SO worth it once you’re home for breakfast and the teens are all still asleep.

I always recommend getting a GymBoss (the timer I use in our sessions) as it acts like your personal trainer. It’s what I use when I workout on my own and although it’s not quite the same as having a human trainer there, it really does make a difference.

We talked a lot about workout options while you’re away, while I’m away, when you’re at home, when you’re away, in the heat etc etc. I encouraged posts in our private FB group, or texts and private messages to me with the obligatory pictures as evidence of your workout. I got some fantastic ones through including sea swimming, windsurfing, circuit training, but this had to be the best:


Before and after my first proper interval run along the front. I’ve downloaded the gym boss app on my phone. The name of my timer is Jo. It’s 1 min sprint, 1 min standing still and gasping for breath. I loved it and hated it in equal measure. I need to go and fall over now.”


Loving it and hating it in equal measure sounds about right for interval training. Well done Rosie! x