Find the Park

All our training is outside (whatever the weather!) in the Rest Gardens on Dyke Road. Look out for the red phone box next to the gates, opposite St Nicholas Church

When you say outside in all weathers, do you really mean ALL weathers?

Boxing blizzard

“I’m slowly working out that what I’m enjoying in your sessions Jo is finding a group of women, and you, who I can connect with and feel a part of something as i go through the motions of getting fit. Over these last many years since I stopped keeping fit through my work I’ve been left cold by different gym sessions, dance classes, yoga, body balance and any kind of training because I just don’t feel a part of it and that it really doesn’t matter whether I push on through the pain and achieve anything or not.

Meeting your group of women and hearing about their journeys to fitness etc has been fun and helpful and with you pushing me along and hand holding i feel much more inclined to carry on.” Liz, October 2015