Who are we?

Jo's Thing

Jo’s Thing launched in 2010 when Jo Andrews, having transformed her own life, fitness and body shape, decided to ditch her corporate life and do something much more worthwhile: give Mums back their confidence.

Although there have been some changes along the way, the key values which Jo set out to create are still core to the business: to provide a safe, fun and supportive environment for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to come and workout, get fit and achieve beyond what they thought possible.

In 2012, Jo ran out of hours in the day and encouraged Ros to hop aboard – one of the best recruitments ever! We have different styles, different strengths and very different body shapes but what we both have in common is achieving the best for each and every client. We do take our fitness seriously but there’s always time for a laugh…


Jo Ros Madrid

We’ve achieved some amazing things in five years, but there’s lots more to come!