How to win races – it’s all Greek to me…

This morning (Sunday) I woke up at 7.30am. Nothing unusual about that. Until I realised that this time last week I was drinking beer. Yup, Jo the PT, drinking pints at 7.30 on a Sunday morning.

Let me explain….

We were at the Cyprus Marathon and had just completed the 10k race, where there’s free beer at the finish line. They’re two hours ahead there, so it was 9.30 (which makes it all ok, right?!)

This was our third annual Jo’s Thing trip to Cyprus and although I say it every year, it really REALLY was the best trip yet! 

In previous years, we’d won trophies; runners up, third places but never a win and never more than three trophies out of our merry band of 8. We improved on both of those this year 🙂


That was brilliant, but do you know what made this trip super special? It reflects everything that is Jo’s Thing: we ran hard and it hurt, but we played hard too. Just a bunch of fabulous, ego-free women who had (mostly 😉 ) trained for a run, organised stuff (read 14 kids between us) at home in order to be away for a few (FIVE!) days and then gone out there to a) support each other, b) run the best that we could on the day (it was HOT!) and c) celebrate everybody’s achievements together. And whatever each of our own abilities, we all ran the best that we could on the day and had a ball afterwards!

Personally, I’d trained harder this year than previous years. Last year I came third in my age group, the year before I was second. And whilst it would be easy to say that it wasn’t all about winning….it did feel absolutely fantastic to be standing on top of that podium!


However, even better than that was to share it with not one but two of the Jo’s Thing team – a very special moment in Jo’s Thing history!



We thought that was magic but there were more trophies to come our way – step forward Ros!

The weather was superb for the after race celebrations and as we’d all finished by 9.30, there were still a lot of hours left in the day to celebrate!


There was Prosecco and mojitos, sea swim (think ice bath) and a fabulous refuel at what I think is now my favourite restaurant ever.

We danced with the locals, ate humous and octopus until we couldn’t eat any more and laughed until our abs hurt. Oh and the obligatory human pyramid #obv 

We needed a lie down after that.

Looking back, given that (apart from a nice little run on Tuesday morning before flying home) we all ran for under 60 minutes, there was a lot of eating and drinking and very little working out. We came back feeling refreshed, thawed out (after a freezing February here!) and ready to get back on it. We’re back now, working out in the park, running our socks off in our Thursday group, already planning next year’s trip and wondering how on earth we can improve on this year’s performance.

I’m glad we’ve got all these pictures, as it really does all feel a bit like a dream….beer on a Sunday morning?! Never. Until 4th March 2018.